Jordan Embroidery & Print is a leading supplier of Workwear, Corporate Wear, Promotional Wear, Schoolwear and Sportswear embroidered with your logo. We offer a wide range of clothing from hospitality and corporate wear through to more everyday garments such as hoodies, polos, jackets, t-shirts, fleeces and caps. We also offer a printing service for Sportswear, T-Shirts and Hi-Vis garments with your numbers, slogans or sponsors name applied.

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Personalised Hoodies & T-Shirts etc, with your Custom Slogan. We offer Transition Years & Leaving Cert Students hoodies at great prices which you can select from a wide range of colours. Why not check out our catalogue, and when you find something you like, email us with the reference number and we would be delighted to give you a quote.

Whether you’re looking for embroidered work shirts and hoodies, or one-off t-shirts and polos for a special event – we’re here to help! You don’t need to know anything about embroidery to get what you need delivered to your door. Simply choose from our wide range of garments, send us your logo and let us do the hard work.

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