We can recreate your business artwork into an embroidered design.  We only use the best materials for your business to give it the highest standard of Embroidery. We use Happy machines, which are one of the best in the industry. You can  email us your company logo, bring it on a USB stick, or if you have had your Embroidery done before we can use that.

New Logo

If you have not had Embroidery on garments before you will have to have your logo digitised. Digitising is where we change your logo into stitches. Our one-off charge of €20.00 (inc VAT) is added to your bill if you cannot supply us with a DST. File. Once you have paid the charge, you can then use this logo for any future garments you purchase from us.

Existing Logo

If you have placed orders with us before, and have already paid the digitise fee, you will not need to pay again. If you used a different company for your embroidery for any previous orders, you can ask them to send you your embroidery file. 


Printing is the cheapest way of personalising your garments. Our prices start from as little as €3.00. Printing is not as hardwearing as Embroidery, however printing is best for Hi-Viz vests and if you required your company logo on the back of T-Shirts.  

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is a very popular way of adding your company logo to your garments. Vinyl costs start from as little as €3.00. The same as Embroidery, you can send us your company logo over email, or if you have used us for your printing before we will still have it on file. Vinyl printing is bestly used for Hen do/Stag do t-shirts, big back prints on T-Shirts and Hi-Viz vests. We have a wide range of colours to choose from.